The Happy Prince

The Happy Prince by Malcolm Williamson

16-17 November 2018

Written in 1960, the composer based this beguiling forty-five minute opera on the story for children by Oscar Wilde. It tells of the golden statue of The Happy Prince, who persuades a migrating Swallow to spread precious gifts over the poor and needy in his city, with tragic consequences. But from the tragedy comes a message of love, hope and redemption, which transcends the dark- ness of the world below.

A  fully  staged production  performed  by  Members of Jubilee Opera joined by professional singers, small orchestra, production team and conductor.

Cast includes
The Happy Prince James Hall counter-tenor
The Mayor Robert Gildon baritone 
Jubilee Opera Ensemble Conductor Alastair Chilvers

‘The Happy Prince’ will be preceded by a short selection of songs from Jubilee Children’s Choir with children from primary schools in the Suffolk Coastal area.

Conductor Michelle Kelly.

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