What the audience say:

“Lively, exciting, excellent performance, involving so many children”.

“Your work continues to delight – thank you!”

“It’s rare to see young people so expertly inspired and directed”

“It’s important to support the local children’s performance and wonderful to see the seriousness of the children. It is a joy watching the children, eager and dedicated and to see the remarkable effort gone into the production”

“As a former teacher myself, I do understand and appreciate the far-reaching and, in many ways, unquantifiable value of what you do”.

“If England has no more gifted Children’s Opera company than Jubilee Opera…it’s for many good reasons…few have its precision, pzazz, fire in its belly, emotional range, determination, across-the-board skills from carpenters to wigmakers, or appetite for turning tricky, taxing repertoire into ear-tingling, eye-appetising triumphs.  Jubilee can also boast a rosta of modest young regular stars, most aged 14 and under though a few above that, bursting with explosive, joyous, unpredictable musical and dramatic talent”

A Professional’s View:

“I cannot stress enough the value of the work Jubilee Opera does for young people.

Performing with Jubilee Opera opens new worlds in their imagination and experience and also helps development in confidence, concentration and team building, offering new perspectives and helping them to switch off from the demands they face in their daily lives. It is vital that singing and performance should be available for all and shouldn’t be the preserve of just those whose parents can afford it.

Jubilee Opera generously offers, for no fee, to introduce any local children the opportunity to take part in productions, opening their ears and eyes to new horizons and experiences that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.”

What the Children Say:

“I have been participating in Jubilee Opera for many years so I am not surprised at the huge amount of effort and commitment you must put in. However I know the rewards at the end of the experience are worth every second! That’s what has been bringing me back for the last eight years” – Will

“I have never been in a production like this one before and I’ve only been a part of Jubilee Opera for about a year but I love this production and all the characters and storyline. I hope I’ll be able to perform with Jubilee Opera again!” – Eleanor

“I have learnt a lot about my voice” – Bethany

“Great fun creating and developing character” – Sparrow

A Parent’s View:

“Jubilee Opera embraces wholeheartedly Britten’s wish to involve the local community in music making, and without overusing the word legacy, I can testify that this fantastic organisation brings individuals, families, locals and the spirit of Suffolk together which lasts and stays in the heart and memory. It`s vital that Jubilee Opera continues to play a significant and profound role in opening creative doors for local children and young people to experience life changing musical challenges.”


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