Jubilee Opera: A Celebration

Sunday 19th November 2023 3pm
Aldeburgh Jubilee Hall

We presented a performance of songs and extracts from operas, with video clips of Jubilee Opera performances from previous years.  We were very proud to be able to give the first public performance of an unpublished poem by Anthony Horowitz, beautifully read by Jasmine Hayworth.  The audience joined us at the end in a performance of The Night Song from The Little Sweep.

The Programme:
A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM (extracts) Music by Benjamin Britten
Tytania: Iris Archard
Cobweb: Beau Burns-Tucker & Clement Anderson
Sentinel: Xanthe Stonard
Oberon: Malachy King
Bottom: Orlando Burns-Tucker
Puck: Joe Tye
Lysander: Ranulph Bacon
Demetrius: Miles Sheldrake
Helena: Saffron Vine
Hermia: Sophie-May Anderson
Fairies: Jubilee Opera Ensemble

WILLOW SONG from Othello Music by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor
Desdemona: Evie Fairhurst
Emilia: Angela Tait
Servants: Emelia Bridge, Sophie-May Anderson, Saffron Vine, Jasmine Hayworth

THE GOLDEN VANITY (extract) Music by Benjamin Britten, words by Colin Graham
Captain: Ranulph Bacon
Pirate Captain: Joe Tye
Cabin Boy: Beau Burns-Tucker
Sailors & Pirates: Jubilee Opera Ensemble

TELL ME WHERE IS FANCY BRED from The Merchant of Venice Music devised by children with special educational needs
Portia: Evie Fairhurst
Bassanio: Malachy King
Portia’s Household: Jubilee Opera Ensemble

WATER Music by Russell Hepplewhite, words by Michael Rosen
Jubilee Opera Ensemble

ORFORD LIGHTHOUSE Music by Zoe Dixon, words by Anthony Horowitz
Jubilee Opera Ensemble

Jasmine Hayworth

SIGH NO MORE LADIES from Much Ado About Nothing Music by Sally Albrecht
Sophie-May Anderson, Angela Tait, Saffron Vine

NOYE’S FLUDDE (extract) Music by Benjamin Britten, words Traditional
Mrs Noye: Saffron Vine
Gossips: Emelia Bridge, Sophie-May Anderson, Iris Archard, Evie Fairhurst, Angela Tait
Noye: Ranulph Bacon
Mr & Mrs Noye’s Sons: Beau & Orlando Burns-Tucker, Clement Anderson

JULIET’S ARIA from The Little Sweep Music by Benjamin Britten, words by Eric Crozier
Juliet: Sophie-May Anderson
Sammy: Beau Burns-Tucker

THE NIGHT SONG from The Little Sweep Music by Benjamin Britten, words by Eric Crozier
Owl: Jasmine Hayworth
Heron: Beau Burns-Tucker
Chaffinches: Iris Elliston, Nina Anderson
Dove: Emmeline Chadwick
Jubilee Opera Ensemble + AUDIENCE!

The Jubilee Opera Ensemble:
Katie Reeve, Saffron Vine, Beau Burns-Tucker, Iris Archard, Clement Anderson, Orlando Burns-Tucker, Joe Tye, Nina Anderson, Emmeline Chadwick, Evie Fairhurst, Xanthe Stonard, Iris Elliston, Emilia Bridge, Ranulph Bacon, Sophie-May Anderson, Angela Tait, Miles Sheldrake, Jasmine Hayworth, Malachy King

The Jubilee Opera Team:
Nick Fowler – Deviser & Presenter
Elizabeth Elliott – Music Director & Vocal Coach
Jonathan Rutherford – Piano
Sue Knight & Conca Goyder – Costumes
Sara Hinton, Hilary Heseltine, Katy Chadwick, Peppy Macdonald, Tracey Mayo

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