Meet the Team

Opera is a multi-discipline art form and as such needs a wide range of people and skills.

At Jubilee Opera, we believe that children and young people should gain first-hand experience of all of the various aspects of putting on an opera. To help showcase opera’s diversity, we have formed a new Creatives Advisory Group made up of opera professionals – all of whom have strong links to Suffolk and East Anglia.

We want our children and young people to interact with professionals from across the operatic spectrum. We also want them to know that there are people doing this for a living many of whom, like them, grew up and/or live in rural and coastal communities. Location, socio-economic status and other barriers should not prevent these young people growing up to be the next generation of professional singers, directors, composers, set designers, technicians etc etc.

Our professional team regularly interact with our children and young people in workshops, mentoring, and in productions.

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